Tesla (TSLA) has issued a recall for its Model X SUVs for a power steering component issue.

The recall affects mostly Model X vehicles that were built before mid-October 2016. The company said those Model X SUVs built after mid-October 2016 are not a part of the recall.

Tesla has recalled the SUVs because it noticed excessive corrosion on the bolts that attach the power steering component to the steering gear. The corrosion was discovered primarily in cold climate regions that use calcium or magnesium road salts rather than sodium chloride salts.

According to Tesla, if the bolts were to fracture due to the corrosion, the driver may lose the power steering assist function. While the fracture would not prevent vehicle steering, it would require more effort to turn the steering wheel, especially during low-speed parking maneuvers.

To repair the issue, Tesla will replace the bolts and apply a corrosion preventative sealer to combat use in cold, highly corrosive environments, at no cost to the owner. If the bolts are found to be broken or break during removal and cannot be removed, Tesla will replace the steering gear, free of charge.

Tesla said Model X owners may continue to drive their SUVs. The automaker will contact affected Model X owners to schedule a service appointment when parts become available in their region.

Tesla said no accidents or injuries related to the recall have been reported.

Shares of Tesla stock were up 2.61% as of 11:38 a.m. EST on Thursday.