An exclusive Tesla version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 that has been circulating has been proven to be fake.

The Tesla and Samsung supposed collaboration smartphone first popped up on Chinese website Weibo. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in question had a metallic silver color and sported the Tesla logo on the back. Both companies have yet to confirm the existence of this device.

However, it’s been confirmed that the design is only a concept made by Youtuber Aron Maini. The video he released only shows what could’ve been if Tesla and Samsung were to team up to make a smartphone. So far, Tesla has yet to officially release a smartphone or even announce any collaboration with any of the smartphone making companies like Apple, Samsung or Huawei.

Currently, Tesla is busy with the upcoming release of the Model Y electric SUV in late 2019. So far, the latest information about the vehicle’s development is that the company is leaning on producing the first set of the vehicles at its Fremont plant.

Meanwhile, Samsung is currently working on their devices such as the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Fold. Samsung is still working on the Galaxy Fold as its development is riddled with problems. Previously, the company announced that it will postpone the Fold's launch after many reviewers slammed the device’s screen problems.

Once dust gets in the screen after repeated folds, the screen would be rendered unusable. Samsung and even their rival, Huawei, have taken a step back to calibrate the devices further. The Galaxy Note 10’s launch has been moved to Aug. 7 on the Samsung Unpacked event.

For now, fans will have to wait and see what Tesla and Samsung will offer in the future as a device collaboration between these companies seems to be a long shot.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
It's obvious Huawei didn't want to experience what Samsung went through with the Galaxy Fold (held by Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh). Getty Images/Justin Sullivan