Samsung will not release the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold next month, according to new reports. The foldable phone has already been delayed for a few months after the South Korean tech giant initially announced its supposed U.S. launch. But its competition has also delayed its release as well.

Samsung has confirmed in its home country that rumors about the foldable display smartphone’s release in July are untrue, according to Korea Herald. Samsung’s smartphone business chief Koh Dong-jin confirmed this through an unspecified South Korean media outlet.

While the company is said to be denying the rumors, no upcoming foldable phone, device or media event has been scheduled yet in South Korea. Samsung has also yet to officially release any details on their official site about the possible launch.

Last April, Samsung moved the launch of the foldable device to an unspecified date. Before their announcement, many reviewers took note of the device’s excellent features but had complaints about its less than stellar durability as the device broke down in just a few days. The damage was not some programming issue but a hardware problem where dust could enter the foldable screens and damage the whole display.

As of now, Samsung has yet to announce a release date for the Galaxy Fold. On the other hand, however, Huawei is also looking into their foldable device, Mate X, and has delayed its launch until September 2019, according to CNBC.

In those extra months Huawei bought itself, the company will work with carriers and developers to see if the apps work properly when the device is in its full, unfolded screen mode.

Huawei also said that the delay was due to the events unfolding with Samsung’s device, which forced the company to double check on its own product. The Mate X was supposed to be another April release before they announced the delay.

Samsung and Huawei are two of the known leaders in the foldable device development race so far. Other companies entering the industry are still in the planning phase for their device while Samsung and Huawei are already refining theirs.

Surprisingly, Apple has yet to announce any foldable device in the works. Fans can only wait to see how far will these new foldable devices go in the coming months.