Three bodies were found on a rural Kansas farm, and police are treating the investigation as a homicide. Two adult male bodies and one female body were found on the farm near Ottawa, Kan., but police have not released additional details about the victims or how they were killed.

The three bodies were found by Kortni McGill; Corey Schlotzhauer, 26; and Shona Osladil, 21, the Associated Press reported. Speaking to the AP, McGill said that she went to the farm on Sunday to visit a friend from whom she had not heard since April 25.

After detecting a foul odor, McGill called police, but a search around the property led the officers to believe the smell was caused by trash on the farm. McGill returned with Schlotzhauer and Osladil on Monday and investigated a garage, inside of which they discovered a body covered by a tarp. They called the police again, and the responding officers found two more bodies on the property.

The female body is currently being identified as law enforcement officials determine if the body matches a missing mother from the neighboring city of Olathe who disappeared with her daughter, the A.P. reported. The mother, 21-year-old Kaylie Bailey, was last seen with her 18-month-old daughter, Lana Bailey, last Wednesday, and a missing persons report was filed on Friday.

Police are not sure if the female body found on the farm is Kaylie Bailey, but police are currently investigating the possibility. McGill and Osladil are lifelong acquaintances of the missing mother and told police that Kaylie knew the man who lived on the farm and was planning to drop off her daughter the day she went missing.

McGill told the A.P. that outside of the garage she found a barrel, which had been used to burn objects, that had baby clothes and a bottle in it. Socks were also found nearby, and a bag of clothing was found on top of the tarp.

Olathe Police Sgt. Brad Caldwell said local law enforcement officials are investigating the matter and Olathe police have been to the farm but have since returned. Caldwell said, “We are waiting for confirmation that it may or may not be Kaylie, and once we know, it will determine what direction we go from there.”

Details about the two other bodies, identified as male, are unclear as police continue their investigation. According to WDAF, the Franklin County Sheriff’s office identified a Toyota Corolla that could be linked to the three bodies.

In a press conference, law enforcement officials said they are not actively looking for a missing child, and Sheriff Jeff Richards said there was a missing male from Franklin County.