The holidays are about to get even more exciting for fans of Tinder, as the dating app has introduced a new update allowing them to swipe like never before.

Tinder has launched on Apple TV, letting users swipe through matches on the big screen.

The dating app is pitching the latest update as ‘fun for the whole family,” though we doubt people will swipe through potential dates with their relatives.

Tinder for Apple TV provides a unique dating experience, but all you need to do is swipe using the Apple TV remote’s trackpad. There’s no way to edit profiles or chat with matches on the big screen.

How To Use Tinder On Apple TV

To use Tinder on Apple TV, users can click the trackpad on the remote and browse through profiles, swiping left to say ‘No”, or swiping right to say ‘Yes.’ If you’re a Tinder Plus subscriber, and you want to go back, shake the remote to rewind.

The Tinder Apple TV app only supports the basic, but most important features.

“Bringing people together is what we do, and we’re even more excited to be able to combine all the joys of swiping with all the comforts of home,” Tinder wrote in a press release.

‘Enjoy Tinder on Apple TV - it’s the biggest thing to hit family night since Yahtzee.’

Just make sure you remember to log out of your profile on the TV - that way, you don’t have to worry about your mom taking control of the remote and start swiping.

Tinder’s update is available for free in the App Store.