Dating apps like Tinder make it easy to meet locals when you’re traveling — but what if you want to hook up with passengers on the same flight? 

AirDates is a new dating app, currently in testing,  whichis calling itself the Tinder for air travel. 

AirDates encourages users to post their travel itinerary ahead of time so they can hook up with passengers on the same flight. If they’re looking for some mile high fun, they can use geolocation at the airport, or chat with each other in the air. By using Multipeer WiFi between smartphones, the app eliminates the need to use the Plane’s WiFi network. 

AirDates CEO Michael Richard told Engadget the app will integrate with other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Spotify and Pinterest. Richard believes people may want to share sexy images with each other, especially via social media platforms like Pinterest. 

For some people, the idea of a hooking up in-flight is a major turn on, though for others, it can be a disaster if things go wrong. There’s potential safety risks of letting a stranger know all of your travel plans, plus there's the risk that users could be harassed. 

Richard believes that if anything, the inside of the plane is the “safest place to have a date.” He says that since there are a lot of people in the vicinity, it will be easy to eliminate any potential danger. If users feel they are being harassed their flight, they can instantly block all communication with that partner. The company is also looking into allowing female users to choose to be the ones who initiate conversations so they can avoid any dangerous behavior from male passengers.