The first fully robotic U.S. bar opening in Las Vegas this week aims to blend attraction and alcohol — although conversation with the robot bartenders may not be quite as entertaining.

Tipsy Robot, which is set to open Friday at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, features two bot bartenders that can mix and pour “perfect” drinks from more than 60 kinds of liquor in less than 70 seconds, the Las Vegas Sun reported. The bar is the only land-based establishment of its kind although a Royal Caribbean cruise ship has featured a full-automated bar in the past.

The automated bar is the creation of Robotic Innovations chairman and longtime Las Vegas local, Rino Armeni. The former executive director of marketing for Southern Wine & Spirits as well as vice president of food and beverage at Caesar’s Palace said he believes this type of innovation is the way of the future and there’s no better place for blending entertainment and booze than Las Vegas.

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“We have so much talent in this town. However, trends always come from New York,” said Armeni, the chairman of Robotic Innovations who's lived in Las Vegas for almost 30 years. “So my partners, and I decided to do something to create a new trend so we can be ahead of time. So, this is a gift from us to the city of Las Vegas.”

“I think the millennials are going to enjoy doing that,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Customers can place their orders on one of several tablet stations throughout the bar or have the option of entering an email address through the Tipsy Robot app. A barcode is then sent to the imbiber’s email and scanned at a window to enter the order into the system’s queue. Patrons of the robot bar can see how far along their orders are in line and are alerted when ready.

Once the order is placed, the robots use human-like movements to retrieve a glass, fill up the “head” where the drink is mixed, shaken or stirred with motions mimicking a human bartender. The robot can select from 152 bottles of liquor suspended from the ceiling before pouring the final product and pushing it to the front of the slot to be retrieved by the human with the matching barcode.

The robots even wash their “hands” after creating each drink to avoid mixing cocktail ingredients.

“They work to perfection, so everything the robots make is perfect,” Armeni said.

Should a bar patron get too close or come behind the counter, an invisible safety barrier shuts down the whole system.

Standard one-shot drinks are $14, including tax and gratuity. Additional shots of alcohol or garnishes can be added for a bit more.

“This is the most high-tech bar in the world, as the robot can perform the duties of the bartender,” Armeni told the Las Vegas Sun. “It’s not just a bar — it’s also an attraction and entertainment.”

Robots Not Replacing Human Bartenders — Yet

Armeni noted humans are not altogether replaced at the establishment. The staff of 16 includes human bartenders for serving craft beers, champagne and mimosas at an adjacent area. There are also “Galactica Ambassadors,” women dressed in metallic, space-themed outfits, and a technician on hand in case of a machine malfunction.

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“We have a human bar on the side, and the robotic bar is mostly an attraction and entertainment,” Armeni said. “It’s no different from the fountains at Bellagio and the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.”

“The robots are the attraction — the people will come back for them [the employees],” he added. “The human part to this is still as important as the robotics. Our staff is about the loyalty to the customers.”

The 2,500-square-foot location sees “an average of 72,000 people coming through” each day, which Armeni said was part of the selling point regarding the robot bartenders: They don’t spill, waste ingredients or spend time chatting with customers.