Ahead of the game’s October release, Respawn Entertainment dropped new teaser trailers showcasing the new playable Titans players should watch out for.

In the latest teaser clip that was shared on Titanfall’s official Twitter page, new Titan Legion is shown wreaking havoc on everything that comes its way. The mech could be seen flaunting its minigun-like Predator Cannon in the video as it moves its way to its main target and killing the latter with a Power Shot that appears to involve a brutal execution-type move, according to GameSpot.

Additionally, Legion also showcases its defense move, which is called Gun Shield, in the new trailer. By the looks of it, this Gun Shield does not interfere with Legion’s attacks as the mech can be seen shooting its enemies while the shield is active. However, this shield has a limitation — it only protects Legion’s facade, leaving its body and its back exposed to attacks from its enemies.

When using its Predator Cannon, GameSpot has learned that Legion can use two different modes called long-range and auto-lock. The former pertains to the use of the weapon just like a regular gun, while the latter refers to the use of the weapon for an attack that can damage enemies by just aiming toward the general direction where they are located.

The release of the new “Titanfall 2” teaser trailer comes a day after Respawn uploaded the new official trailer for the game on YouTube. The latter introduces the six new playable Titans, namely: Legion, Ion, Scorch, Northstar, Tone and Ronin.

According to PC Gamer, the six new Titans boast “unique abilities” that can secure their domination in battles. The gaming site stated that while Legion has a penchant for control and defense, Northstar is a mech that specializes in precision kills. Additionally, the site said that Ronin has the makings of a samurai, Ion is a mech skilled in energy management and has three weapons, Scorch utilizes fire in its attacks, while Tone is a beast who is skilled in explosively attacking its enemies.

Meanwhile, “Titanfall 2” designer Mohammed Alavi sat down with the Telegraph recently and talked about the interesting gameplay the upcoming first-person shooter is going to provide its players.

“We ended up with a game that has a wide variety of gameplay. You’re going to get these action set pieces that are like a Call of Duty level, but you also have really slow moments, puzzle moments and exploration moments,” Alavi said after revealing that they made too much content for the game that they had to scrap “so much stuff” in developing the final version of the game that’s slated for official release.

“There’s puzzle, exploration and even combat scenarios where we don’t hold your hand through it, you have to figure out your own path. You can get in and out of your Titan — the combat spaces support that — and it’s just as fun to play as a Titan as it is a pilot,” the Respawn designer added.

“Titanfall 2” is slated for release on Oct. 28 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.