"Titanfall" launched on March 11 for the PC and Xbox One. Courtesy/Respawn

First-person shooter “Titanfall” is available for the PC and Xbox One, and like any new game, players are claiming it isn’t without its flaws. According to a post on NeoGAF, some users are calling the newly released title “fundamentally broken.”

User Vitor711 claimed he’s played the game for several hours and encountered a number of bugs, including:

Being able to rename custom classes
Being able to mute text, not just voice
Being able to vote on the next map
Being able to veto a map
Being able to create custom playlists for gametypes
No visual customization for pilots/titans of any sort
No ability to see player loadouts if you're curious as to what they're using (you have to just see what you were killed by/notice the burn card name on the kill cam)

Matchmaking does not auto-balance teams based on number of players per side
Matchmaking apparently does not auto-balance based on level/skill

Potentially Broken:
Burn cards that halve the initial wait time for a Titan
Burn cards that allow you to see the position of EVERY PLAYER on a map once every 10 seconds
Satchel charges. Just in general.
Infinite grenade burn cards. Just why?

Australian ”Titanfall” players using telecommunications company Optus experienced a number of difficulties logging into “Titanfall” during the game’s beta and after its launch, but the Sydney-based conglomerate repaired the issue on Sunday. “Our network engineers have continued to investigate the ‘Titanfall’ access issue that some of our cable broadband customers were experiencing, and over the last few days we implemented a network configuration fix that we believe has resolved the access issue,” an Optus representative said to Kotaku.

“We are still monitoring traffic to the’ Titanfall’ servers to ensure our customers access continues.”

Though Respawn’s latest endeavor may contain a few bugs, it’s nowhere near EA DICE’s glitchy “Battlefield 4,” which has angered gamers since its launch in October.

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