The TiVo interface REUTERS

TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ:TIVO) has unveiled a new update for those thousands of Roamio customers who hit the couch at the end of a long day and spend way too much time deciding what to watch.

The software update vastly improves the digital video recorder's on-screen design, giving the interface a much more modern look. Included is a new third column to the “My Shows” category that gives customers the ability to look through their recorded content depending on how it's classified (kids shows, movies and SportsCenter, for instance) and gives users more control over which categories are shown as options.

The update comes a little more than a year after TiVo Roamio went on sale, attracting hordes of customers impressed with the sleek look of the DVR, built-in Wi-Fi, and massive 500GB hard drive. But there have also been complaints about the product’s $169.99 price tag, which only increases when considering subscription costs and additional content.

Luckily for any customers who have felt stymied, though, the newest software update also expands TiVo Premiere’s app and on-demand services, updating the look so that it appears almost like the classic Windows Media Center.