Ubisoft is rolling out patch 1.5 for “Tom Clancy’s The Division” via the public test server. Although this means the changes it brings will not be available to all, it gives players a glimpse at what they can expect when the publisher officially launches the patch to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Based on the patch notes for “The Division” posted on Ubisoft’s online forums, the update comes with game changes, weapon additions and modifications, gear sets, skill changes and bug fixes. There are also PC-specific changes such as the radial menu for emotes and the new UI rendering setting that affects framerate to an extent when reducing game latency.

Part of the game changes is the addition of the World Tier 5 bracket that raises the Maximum Gear Score to 256 and Enemy NPCs are at level 34. Enemy Armor Damage and Stagger now function in PvP, while Named Gear items are implemented in the new patch.

When it comes to weapon changes and additions, the developers have added 12 new weapon types via the “Tom Clancy’s The Division” patch 1.5. These include Famas Assault Rifle, Rhino Pistol, MG5 Light Machinegun, M700 Tactical Marksman Rifle, Tactical UMP-45 Submachinegun and Model 700 Marksman Rifle, among others. For the changes, Shotguns now have lowered strength of aim assist and lowered accuracy.

DSOGaming reports that the patch addresses certain gameplay issues that have been raised by the gaming community. For example, the bug that causes the health bar to overlap the Gear Score value when the Stash is open has been crushed. The bug that causes the Base of Operations vendors to not appear on the megamap or the minimap is also resolved.

Aside from the new patch, Ubisoft also officially announced the new Survival expansion early Monday. However, the company did not give specific the release date of the expansion that was initially mentioned at E3.

According to Kotaku, Survival is just an option mode for “The Division” that serves as an extra mission for players to accomplish. It has its own distinct gameplay and two-hour limit. It is also set on the game’s main map, but there’s a twist on the scenario that will greet players once they enter this expansion.

Though the release date for the new mode is not known yet, Ubisoft revealed that samples are available to PC players via the public test server. Players who have the Season Pass can access the samples. Unfortunately, it will not be available to Steam players; only Uplay gamers will have access to the test version, as per DualShockers.

Finally, once the new mode is released, it will only be available to players who have the paid Survival DLC. EuroGamer has also learned that the new content will arrive on the Xbox One and PC first prior to hitting the PS4 version.