Microsoft Selfie app
The Microsoft Selfie app has not entered Android territory. Apple/iTunes

A new camera app has just joined the mix of selfie apps found in the Google Play Store. This app isn’t exactly new, since it debuted on iOS months ago. Also, it wouldn’t be surprising if it gets good reception on the Android ecosystem because it was developed by Microsoft.

According to AndroidAuthority, Microsoft’s camera app, Microsoft Selfie, is now available for download from the Google Play Store. The addition of this photography app to the Android mobile operating system comes almost a year after it successfully launched on iOS in December 2015.

What makes Microsoft Selfie special and unique from most of the camera apps out there is the machine vision technology it utilizes in enhancing self-portraits. This technology automatically adjusts certain aspects of a photo to improve its quality and removes even the slightest imperfections with just a single tap.

In its official description on Apple’s App Store, Microsoft Selfie is indicated to intelligently consider “age, gender, skin tone, lighting and many other variables” with just a single click. Thus, poor quality and average photos are transformed into high-quality portraits in a matter of seconds.

Microsoft reportedly developed this app to provide a technology that would improve the quality of images using machine intelligence to smartphone users, according to NDTV.

Although changes and enhancements are readily applied to improve selfies, users who are not pleased with the auto changes may choose to access the different filters and sliders of the app. The filters and sliders are also applicable to photos that have already been captured and stored in the Camera folder after the app has been installed.

The creation of the Microsoft Selfie app is just proof that many developers are taking advantage of the advanced camera technologies that are being used on smartphones. It also shows how taking selfies has been a staple habit among smartphone users.