The seventh add-on character for “Street Fighter 5” has been officially revealed. Over the weekend, Capcom released the teaser trailer for this new DLC character, and as it turns out, it is none other than Akuma.

Akuma, also known as the Devil or Great Demon, debuted in “Super Street Fighter II Turbo.” Now that he is part of the lineup of fighters for the 2016 installment in the famous fighting franchise, it seems that Capcom has decided to keep his trademark attack for the game.

According to Eurogamer, in the teaser trailer for the new DLC character, Akuma’s countenance could not be seen, but his famous attack called Raging Demon is featured in the clip.

The trailer opens with a shot of a dilapidated temple that’s being showered with heavy rainfall. In an instant, the clip turns pitch dark and only kanji characters and some sparks could be seen as sounds of punches and kicks could be heard.

When the attack ends, a kanji appears on the back of the character who does not show his face in the trailer. As per EventHubs, the kanji shown in the clip translates to “god” or “god like.”

The kanji in the “Street Fighter 5” trailer is reportedly different from the one that usually appears on Akuma’s back. However, hardcore fans of the show may notice that it’s the same one featured in “Capcom Vs. SNK 2,” according to GameSpot.

The appearance of the kanji is considered a mystery by some players. For EventHubs reporter John Guerrero, however, this could just mean that the new Akuma has “a higher capacity than in his traditional form.”

Since the trailer does not show specific details about Akuma’s abilities, players are advised to stay tuned until Capcom announces more information and the official release date of the new DLC character.

Though it’s unknown yet when Akuma is going to be available for download, Capcom has already announced in the teaser trailer that he is going to be playable at the PlayStation Experience event at Anaheim Convention Center on Dec. 3–4, according to Polygon.