Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Enabled Samsung Galaxy Nexus
The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the latest "Google phone" that will serve as the new pacesetter for Android devices. Reuters

A first look at the most wanted features of Android's Ice Cream Sandwich OS upgrade:

1. People: This new dialer and contact app is something many are looking forward to. The redesign builds on the contact list and gives users a simpler interface where they can easily navigate to contact info and social networking sites for those people. From previews, the interface definitely looks clean and crisp with higher resolution contact pictures. Another feature a lot of us will probably frequently use is the quick response function. When you're not available and someone happens to be calling, just swipe and send them a quick text to let them know.

2. Face recognition for unlocking: No more swiping to unlock your phone every time. Just use the new Face Unlock feature to use your camera. The code and swiping options will still be available.

3. Android beam: Android is using near-field communication so you can share apps, URLs, videos, and songs just by tapping Android phones together. It's essentially like the Bump It app Apple users have.

4. New browser: The 4.0 web browser is said to look a lot like the Chrome browser on your desktop.

5. Better data management: A built in app that will let you manage all your data usages. Set up warnings and limits for yourself to avoid overcharges.

6. More camera tools: There will be new photo editing tools for you to conveniently filter, crop, reduce red-eye, and more. There's also a new panoramic mode that lets you simply pan the landscape to create a still image.

7. Sleeker user interface: The overall interface redesign is much more modern and sleek. The whole thing looks much cleaner and gives you ease of accessibility to recent apps, making multitasking more fun and functional.

8. Speech recognition: Here's what users are paying attention to. Will Android's voice control compare or surpass Apple's Siri?

9. Taking screenshots: Hold down the power and volume buttons to snap a screenshot.

10. Navigation: What Android may have over iOS 5 in this area is the turn-by-turn voice navigation. The read aloud function is something Apple users don't have integrated with their Google maps.