NFT (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that operate on the blockchain, the same as most tokens, yet, with a significant difference, as each of them is unique, their uniqueness is written in their code. Therefore, each has its own value.

Today, we will take a closer look at the top 10 projects that allow creating, buying, and selling NFTs. The information will be of collectors, traders, and investors' interest - the value of one or another NFT often boosts to several thousand dollars, so it makes sense to take a closer look at them.

OneTo 11

OneTo11 is India's first Blockchain-based social networking fantasy gaming mobile application. It provides gamers and sports lovers in India and across the world a platform where they can invest, play and earn from contests and platform commission while supporting the blockchain and gaming industry.

With OneTo11, users get to live their fantasies of how they want to play and earn using the power of networking and technology. While other fantasy sports mobile applications only allow their users to earn money by winning contests, OneTo11 users can earn money in three different reward systems.

  • Contest Winnings (Players can create their fantasy teams for contests and win money by just being in the top 75%)
  • Regular Network Commission (Users can earn money by simply building their networks and the communities under them.)
  • Referral Income (Whenever a user refers other users to OneTo11 using their unique code, they earn 1.5% of the contest fee)
  • Other Digital Games (When there are no games/matches available, users can play other digital games like Ludo 24/7)

The popularity of the project is evidenced by statistics: in 10 months they managed to achieve a result of 10 million transactions, and this is impressive.


Niftify™️ is launching an all-inclusive platform to create, buy, sell and swap NFTs. The project takes NFTs out of their infancy and brings them to the real world by unlocking their true potential in a world where everything digital or physical can be bought, sold, or traded as an NFT. A platform for proof of ownership and authenticity, with metadata for smart tracking. A user-friendly NFT launchpad, marketplace, and exchange aiming to facilitate users to automate digital to physical redemptions.  

Niftify™️ is on a mission to become a market leader with standards and strong community of NFT enthusiasts: creators, collectors, traders, gamers, and enterprises wanting to buy, sell or trade NFTs. A platform with all the benefits of the blockchain and ready for mass adoption. 

Niftify™️ also strives to set standards in the NFT industry such as: 

  • NFT ownership supported by seller's license (
  • EIP-2981: NFT Royalty Standard — creators can retain transferable ownership rights over their own work, and claim resale royalties directly (up to 25%) 
  • NFT for NFT swaps — collectors are going to have an option to exchange NFT for NFT. 
  • NFT index — the platform will enable any NFT to be wrapped or embedded with different tokens.
  • PaaS - customization of a marketplace (technology, full support, sharing users)
  • Price discovery (Niftify will suggest a fair price of NFT based on market demand)


SuperWorld, the gateway to the Metaverse, is a virtual world in augmented reality (AR), digitally mapped over the surface of the Earth. Plots of SuperWorld land are represented as 64.8 billion non-fungible tokens (NFT) corresponding to real-world space. Any user in SuperWorld can explore and create AR content, engage in a unique virtual real estate marketplace, or create, buy and sell NFTs in the recently-released SuperWorld NFT Salon. To learn more, visit 

SuperWorld’s mission is to Build a Better World, with notable social impact projects in Flint, MI, the Caribbean, Beirut, and the Amazon rainforest, along with partnerships ranging from UNESCO, One Tree Planted and the World Bank. Notable investors include Draper Goren Holm, Outlier Ventures, 186 Ventures, Chinaccelerator, Predictive Capital, Cadenza Ventures, White Paper Capital, Redbeard Ventures, SOSV, and Capital Factory. Among the list of influential SuperWorld advisors is Bob Metcalfe (inventor of Ethernet & Metcalfe’s Law), Stephen Wolfram (creator of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha), Robert Scoble (author, futurist), Phil Rowley (Head of Futures at Omnicom Group), Richard Ling (Founder of Rembrandt Ventures) and Nitin Gaur (Head of Digital Assets at IBM).


The Uswap NFT Marketplace has attracted the attention of the entire crypto community by developing and launching the first-ever public NFT marketplace on the TRON blockchain.

Despite the fact that most NFT and DeFi projects choose alternative, more familiar solutions to implement their functionality, Uswap has proven the convenience and potential of NFT development in the Tron ecosystem. Low commissions, the highest speed and scalability allowed Uswap to enter the TOP-5 NFT marketplaces

Uswap strives to become the market leader, which means it is simply obliged to provide creators and users with security, convenience and liquidity. Verification and authentication for NFT collectibles, for artists and creators, for current and future projects are some of the benefits of the young platform. The Uswap NFT marketplace is extremely user-friendly and easy to use both for experienced NFT creators and collectors as for new inexperienced users, simple, powerful and leading the way for NFTs on TRON.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a collectible blockchain game. It hosts fictional creatures named by players as Axie. Many major companies, including Binance and Samsung, supported the project. Technically, Axies are NFT tokens. The developers state, despite their cute appearance, these creatures are warriors who enjoy fighting. Axies inhabit the world, which the creators of the game call Lunacia. Technically, this territory is entirely controlled by the players.

As of September 24, 2021, Axie Infinity is the largest NFT project on the market in terms of the trading volume. Over the past seven days, the turnover has exceeded $105 million.

Sport Investing

Sport Investing - first crypto sport investing platform with a technology to tokenize sports performance, NFT-marketplace and Play2Earn games.

The platform pays special attention to NFT-direction and creating unique NFT-cards of legendary athletes who have already finished their career or died, and launching Play2earn game Frankensport.

Play2Earn game Frankensport will allow you to buy NFT-parts of athletes, each of which will have its own value and players can collect their dream athlete in parts and play with other users in tournaments who will collect the most points by the results of the real Football games. 

SITX is the main token for the Sports Investing platform. With the help of the main token, all users will have an opportunity to use all the functions of the platform. SITX is already available on Pancake.Swap


This is a Play to Earn Gaming project based on NFT planning to release a demo in the coming months. The main goal of the project creators is to make NFT widely available. They are developing the platform on their own website, and the trading platform will be built on the popular ERC-721 protocol.

Play to Earn Gaming users can receive free NFTs before launching the game and marketplace. NFTs will be very rare, which means very valuable to everyone who receives them or buys them on their trading platform after the launch.

The project creators have thought out a versatile system of generating income for users. The primary way to make money is the ability to lend your NFTs to other users within the game. Also, users will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery. Every week you can win $1,000. To participate, you should acquire EVCoin for a value of 0.2 BNB.

Save Bees project

This project brings a very relevant topic in our time. Its main goal is to save bees from extinction. Honey “mining” and NFT production are provided by physical apiaries placed around the world.

On the project website, you can buy Honey and NFT tokens. This allows them to support the bee farm industry and generate income from real apiaries simultaneously. The part of the income will be donated to charity in such organizations as Greenpeace.

Investing in the Save Bees project, you help solve the problem of bee extinction and at the same time receive additional passive income from your own apiary or tokenized bees. Honey tokens help support a queen bee, bee swarm, and an entire apiary.

Looking at an actual map, you can choose a real apiary, purchase NFT on it, and receive a percentage of honey sales from it. Earnings from honey mining are directly proportional to bee capacity, which can generate income all year round. The project has elements of the play2earn game, where you can increase the number of your NFTs, which will affect your profits and contribution to the industry.

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is one of the new collections represented on the NFT market. It reached $26.9 million in sales, and over the past seven days, the project pulled over 7,000 traders and more than 14,700 sales. This week Sneaky Vampire Syndicate took fifth place in the DappRadar Top Collections charts. The collection includes 8,888 unique NFTs created from hand-drawn pictures. All the pictures were really painted by hand by Migwashere, one who took part in creating the Bored Apes Yacht Club. Moreover, the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate collection replaced the Bored Apes Yacht Club collection from the top five this week.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 profile pictures minted as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs are depictions of anthropomorphic monkeys, each with a unique combination of physical characteristics, including clothing, accessories, coat colors and facial expressions, plus the ability to create new "mutant" monkeys.

The more rare and unique your monkey is, the more expensive it will be appreciated on marketplaces. As of October 2021, the trading volume of tokens from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection exceeded 174 thousand ETH, which is over half a billion dollars. Among crypto enthusiasts, owning one of the monkey tokens equates to a status indicator, like an expensive watch or car in the real world.

The excitement around this project was incredible. It got to the point that a set of 107 non-fungible tokens sold for $ 24.4 million in an online sale at Sotheby's auction.