'Faster and safer' Mozilla Firefox 4 against 'beautiful' Internet Explorer 9
Just days after Microsoft launched its 'beautiful' Internet Explorer 9, a new salvo has been launched into the web browser market - the faster and safer Firefox 4. Reuters

A browswer plays an important part in the security of any mobile device or computer. Here is a look at the five must have browser security extensions in order to surf the web securely.

1) HTTPS Everywhere:

HTTPS Everywhere, the Firefox extension from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, helps users to secure the connection between the browser and the servers. Once it is installed, by default every sites are checked and any time you visit one of the sites covered by HTTPS Everywhere, your browser automatically goes for the HTTPS/SSL connection option, or uses TOR's resources to encrypted it.

2) NoScript:
NoScript Firefox extension prevents unauthorized web sites from running JavaScript, Java, Flash, or other plug-ins to keep your browsing sessions safe and provides the most powerful Anti-XSS protection available in a browser. It ensures that only third party scripts from sites that are not trusted are blocked, as many popular sites like Google, Gmail and Twitter rely on JavaScript to load their pages.

3) Lastpass:
The Lastpass Firefox extension is a password manager that makes web browsing easier and more secure. LastPass supports IE and Firefox as Plugins (Opera, Safari, Chrome, iPhone, Opera Mini via Bookmarklets), allows you to import from every major password storage vendor and export also, captures passwords that other managers won't (including many AJAX forms), and allows you to make strong passwords easily.

Features of LastPass include:

  • One master password
  • Easily log into your websites seamlessly with a single click of your mouse button.
  • Your data is securely synchronized across all devices
  • Your sensitive data is encrypted on your PC. Only your LastPass password can unlock your data and only you have it.
  • Your LastPass vault isn't limited to only securely storing usernames and passwords -- any confidential text data can be placed in your vault for safe keeping.

4) AdBlock Plus:
The Adblock Plus allows the users to regain control of the internet and view the web the way one wants to. The add-on is supported by over forty filter subscriptions in dozens of languages which automatically configure it for purposes ranging from removing online advertising to blocking all known malware domains.

Features of Adblock Plus include:

  • Block all ads automatically, no distractions
  • Browse faster and safer
  • Fully customizable — you are in control
  • Easy to contribute, report issues when you see them

5) Web of Trust:

Sometimes it is very difficult to know which websites to trust and not to trust. The Web of Trust (WOT) add-on has traffic-light rating symbols to show which websites you can trust when you search, shop and surf on the Web.