With their draconian policies, labyrinthine lines and interminable delays, airports are no fun place to be. But at least you and your belongings can feel safe while inside one, right?

Not exactly, according to ABC News. Following lengthy reporting, the network has published the Transportation Security Administration’s list of the airports with the highest incidence of employee theft. The agency tells ABC they have fired 400 employees for stealing.

Not surprisingly, 16 of the 20 airports ranked highest for theft also belong to the list of the nation’s busiest air hubs.

To accompany their list, ABC set up a sting operation, planting GPS locators on 10 iPads which they left at high-traffic, high-theft airports. Nine devices were returned to their owners, but one was located at the home of Orlando-based TSA agent Andy Ramirez, who was later fired by the TSA.