China convicts Foxconn employees for leak of iPad 2 casing last year
China has convicted three people accused of conspiring to steal the casing design of iPad 2 last year, according to reports, which also said that two of those found guilty were previously connected with Foxconn, the Taiwanese manufacturer of Apple’s gadget product lines. REUTERS

The most attractive part about Apple’s iOS is that most of the apps are free for download. The next best thing apart from that are the apps which costs around 99 cents. Not all of them are the best apps Apple has ever harbored in its OS but some of them do fit into the equation.

Below are some of the best 99 cents apps:

TuneIn Radio Pro: The radio has the ability to record from more than 35,000 radio stations along with the regional FM/AM stations. The app has also been made universal for both iPad and iPhone.

Celsius: A utilitarian weather app which shows the weather and the current temperature outside. The app has also been made universal.

Fruit Ninja: A fun game that lets the user swipe his fingers across the screen to get rid of the fruity obstacles. The game can also be played in multiplayer mode either on the same device or on the game center.

Pimp Your Screen: This app helps to customize the user’s iPhone and iPad and has a resource of vast amounts of backgrounds and also includes app shelves and icon skins with Retina screens.

Camera +: An advanced app for the iPhone which includes extra features like grids, stabilizers, focus and exposure control, editing features and various effects.

Doodle Jump: The game has been updated with a new multiplayer mode where the user can introduce his friends. The game is frequently updated with new levels and bonuses.

Angry Birds: The most popular app for any platform till date. Although Angry Birds is free, the paid version introduces 240 more levels which are added with each update.

Top 100: A must have app for any music lover where the top 100 albums and songs across the world are shown. Any song can be played from the list.

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