Iran Addresses Rampant Alcoholism

Authorities have announced plans to open 150 treatment centers, a remarkable acknowledgment of the scale of alcoholism in the Islamic republic.

Elizabeth Vargas Returns To Rehab

The 51-year-old ABC News reporter, who has been constantly fighting her alcohol dependency, admitted in January that she is an alcoholic.

Yes, Even Denmark Has A Homelessness Problem

The homeless problem in Denmark is unlikely to ease anytime soon. Net unemployment is now at 4.7 percent, the highest level in six years. Labor Minister Mette Frederiksen warned that the unemployment rate will continue to climb into 2013.

Jesse Jackson Jr. In Treatment For 'Mood Disorder,' Office Says

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., whose mysterious monthlong leave of absence has perplexed Chicago and Capitol Hill, is at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder, his doctor said in a statement released by the congressman's office Wednesday evening.



Kashmir To Tourists: Follow Dress Code Or Go Home

Kashmir's Jamaat-e-Islami religious group has issued a strict dress code that it hopes to impose on all incoming tourists. Local officials, however, fear it will hamper the region's efforts to promote itself as a safe and welcoming destination.
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman Is 'The Master? Of His Own Domain

Though the hardworking actor has consistently been on the radar of theater and movie fans and critics throughout his nearly two decades of indie-leaning character work, the enigmatic Hoffman has rarely made headlines for anything beyond his unforgettable performances.
Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Rants In 'Heaven and Mel' Book: 'The Holocaust Is Horsesh-t,' Actor Declares To Joe Eszterhas

Mel Gibson has been caught once again running his mouth and saying some pretty controversial things. In a new e book written by screenwriter/author Joe Eszterhas, Gibson has been quoted as saying, among other things, that the Holocaust is Horsesh-t. While that is not where the recollection begins, Eszterhas's e book, which has been published for Amazon, documents the time he spent trying to work on projects with Gibson.