WHO Reports Alarming Rise of TB in Europe

In a recent report published by WHO, Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis has been diagnosed as a disease which can take the form of a pandemic in the Western Europe if not dealt with properly.

Kim Kardashian Wedding Rumors Cleared Up For Lindsay Lohan [PHOTOS]

Lohan, who battled alcoholism, was said to be drinking heavily at Kim Kardashian's wedding reception. She was drinking and partying hard, an insider said. I personally saw her order shots from the bar. It was reported that her mother, Dina, was with her as they drank several drinks. Although, she is on probation, her actions were legal. However, Lindsay told Gossip Cop that the reports of her partying are false. It's all a lie. That's so untrue.


[PHOTOS] Amy Warehouse's private funeral: "Goodnight, my angel"

Mitch Winehouse takes rehab case to UK

In the wake of singer Amy Winehouse's death, her father Mitch went to Westminster on Monday to press politicians to do more for young people needing help with drug and alcohol problems.
Jeret Peterson of the United States celebrates in the finish area after his second jump in the men's aerials freestyle skiing final on Cypress Mountain at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, February 25, 2010

Profile: Olympian Skier Jeret Peterson

The Utah Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake has confirmed that Olympic medal-winning US skier Jeret Peterson was found dead from gunshot wounds in a remote canyon between Salt Lake City and Park City in Lambs Canyon on Monday. Here is a profile of the colorful sportsman.