Do you think Jim Morrison is really dead? Or is he alive and hiding somewhere?

Either way, you should be pleased to hear that the iconic Doors front man is returning to the big screen, 40 years after he supposedly died and 20 after Oliver Stone's epic film on the life, times and obsessions of Jim Morrison.

According to Morrison's former band mate, friend and co-founder of the Doors (the pair founded the group in 1965, along with Robbie Krieger and John Densmore), Ray Manzarek, is willing to be weird. Morrison is alive and his death was a hoax! To prove it, in a manner of speaking, Manzarek is trying his hand at writing fiction and is set to make a movie based on his novel, The Poet in Exile; a novel that will focus on the legend of Morrison and his fabled tales.

The film is to be directed by American Tim Sullivan, who will also serve as screenwriter for the project. The film is expected to hit theaters in 2013.

The story of Jim Morrison's life is as strange as that of his death. He died of a heroin overdose in 1971, at the age of 27. However, to date, his death is still a subject of controversy.

Remember Morrison's saying: Where's your will to be weird? It seems Manzarek's movie is an answer to his friend's quote.

In his novel, Manzarek imagines Morrison to be alive, sending him letters and contacting him from his hiding place in the Seychelles Islands. Critics anticipate the new film to have some glimpse of such weird imagination.

The first question I get asked is, 'Do you think Jim Morrison's really dead?' All I can say is, I personally have not seen or heard from Jim since he left for Paris 40 years ago. And I miss that guy. He was a poet; a Dionysus to my Apollo; a great performer, a shaman, and a damn good friend, said Manzarek, at a press release called to discuss the forthcoming movie.

Although he has not yet revealed the cast of the film, Manzarek has made it clear that he doesn't intend to play himself in the film.

It must be very obvious that being Jim Morrison must not have been easy. It must, therefore, also be obvious that finding an actor who can create a believable onscreen Morrison is a hard task.

I might do a cameo, but I don't know if acting is my forte, Manzarek told Variety.

Hollywood star Val Kilmer played Morrison in Oliver Stone's The Doors. The film was a huge success as it revolved around the life of the legendary singer and portrayed Morrison as a larger-than-life icon. It spoke about everything from his childhood tales, to his alcoholism, drug-addiction, hallucinations and his obsession with death and counterculture.

That film, based on real people and actual events, was a big hit and widely appreciated by its fans.

As far as Manzarek's forthcoming film is concerned, we can but hope that if The Doors weren't enough to make you higher, then the new flick might just light your fire. After all, it is about Jim Morrison, one of the most iconic, magnetic and pioneering front men in rock music history.