Asia's Military Spending To Surpass Europe's For First Time

2012 will be a historic moment in the shift of global power from the West to the East. According to expert estimates and figures on military spending, in 2012 Asia's spending on defense will eclipse Europe's for the first time in the modern era.

Robin Gibb Of The Bee Gees Dies At 62

Robin Gibb, a member of the fraternal trio that created some of the most recognizable sounds of the disco era as the Bee Gees, died Sunday in Oxfordshire, England. He was 62.

Stocks Slump On European Risk, Tepid Facebook IPO: Daily Markets Wrap

World stock markets fell Friday, slammed by ratings cuts for Greece and five of its banks, which were announced ahead of a crucial Group of 8 summit this weekend. While Facebook's much-anticipated initial public offering provided a temporary distraction for traders, its first-day performance concluded with more of a whimper than a bang.


Torika Watters, Fiji Beauty Queen, Disqualified From 2012 Miss World Pageant For Age, Not Race [PHOTOS]

This year, beauty pageants are more scandalous than ever, with one contestant after another losing their crowns for disqualification. The latest? Fijian beauty queen Torika Watters was disqualified over the weekend, losing her title in Fiji for the 2012 Miss World pageant for being underage when pageant officials found that she did not meet the age requirement to compete, despite complaints about her mixed race.
Pink Slime

'Pink Slime': Beleaguered Beef Purveyors Carve Out Stain

Behind the glass meat counter at Casey's Market in a Chicago suburb, the butchers pick up their blades and carry on a generations-old tradition. Piece by piece, the men use knives to cut meat and fat off beef carcasses, and grind them into mounds of hamburger.