When Married Director Rupert Sanders Met Kristen Stewart, Was It Love At First Site?

Snow White and the Huntsman picked up two Teen Choice awards on Sunday when Chris Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart took home their surfboards for Choice Summer Male and Female Stars. Little did everyone know, but a couple days later the movie would be the talk of the town for a different reason - a scandalous affair between married director Rupert Sanders and Twilight star Kristen Stewart.

U.S. Whooping Cough Outbreak Could Be Worst In Half Century

A spike in whooping cough cases among 10-year-olds and adolescents who are 13 and 14 was a concern, perhaps an indicator that the pertussis vaccine may be wearing off earlier than anticipated, Washington Health Secretary Mary Selecky said.

Shark Attacks In Western Australia Killing Tourism

Western Australia’s reputation as the world’s deadliest place for shark attacks has made it a tough sell for prospective tourists, and local authorities have asked the federal government to consider lifting the ban on fishing of great whites to help alleviate the problem.

As Apple Faces New US Discrimination Accusations, Iran Tries To Capitalize

Reported incidents of discrimination by Apple Store employees against people of Iranian descent are increasing, raising the likelihood that what appeared to be a few cases of prejudice may turn into a legal and diplomatic scandal. Further, the company's virtual non-response to the reports exposes it to being played by Tehran, which has already become involved.



California County Wants Drug Makers To Pay For Pill Disposal

A new measure in Northern California is designed to force pharmaceutical companies to bear the cost of collecting and safely discarding unused prescription drugs that might otherwise foul waterways or fall into the hands of substance abusers.