An Air Canada jet heading toward Japan was forced to make an emergency landing on Monday when an engine shut down after taking off from Pearson International Airport. The jet landed safely in Toronto, according to CBS News and the Associated Press.

This was one of three aircraft that had to make emergency landings on Monday.

There were no injuries among the 318 passengers and 16 crew members aboard the Boeing 777, Air Canada representative Peter Fitzpatrick said. The crew requested an emergency landing Monday afternoon, and the plane landed normally on one engine, according to CBS.

The cause of the engine shutdown is unknown.

They told us the engine had overheated, passenger Jason Flick told CBS, and they were running on one engine. They told us they were going to have to dump fuel. We spent 30-40 minutes dumping fuel over the water, but then their only concern was the brakes. They brought a big fan to cool them off ... our biggest concern after we landed was that all 300 of us were very hot.

The flight involved was AC001 to Narita airport in Tokyo.

When we were landing, there were lots of weird noises, problem with the landing gear, we landed heavy and very, very fast, Flick told CBS.

In New Delhi, a Jet Airways plane made an emergency landing at a Mumbai airport after its left engine caught fire, the Associated Press reported. The Indian airline said that no one was hurt.

According to a statement from the airline obtained by AP, the plane's left engine caught fire Monday morning during a flight from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Jet Airways told the news service that air traffic controllers asked the plane to land after seeing smoke coming from its engine.

In Australia, an Emergency Management Queensland rescue helicopter landed unexpectedly at Cooroy on Queensland's Sunshine Coast on Tuesday morning local time.

The crew was transferring a female patient, according to ABC News, along with a medical team from Bundaberg Hospital to Brisbane when the helicopter experienced a major hydraulic failure.

The chopper landed safely, and no one was hurt, pilot Mark Kepton told ABC. The pilot said he tried to make it to Maroochydore Airport, but was forced into an emergency landing after the helicopter became unstable.

The patient was then taken to another rescue helicopter, ABC reported.