IBM mobile and cloud computing technology
IBM mobile and cloud computing technology ibtimes

Mobile and cloud computing technology will dominate enterprises as these two emerge as the most in-demand platforms for software application development and IT delivery over the next five years, according to a survey by IBM.

The survey, which was conducted online by IBM developerWorks, provided insight into the most enterprise technology and industry trends based on responses from 2,000 IT developers and specialists across 87 countries.

According to the survey, 55 percent of them expect mobile software application development for devices such as iPhone and Android, and even tablet PCs like iPad and PlayBook, will surpass application development on all other traditional computing platforms by 2015.

Industry analysts also are predicting mobile applications sales will undergo massive growth over the next three years, with estimates of mobile application revenues expanding from $6.2 billion this year to nearly $30 billion by 2013.

The new cloud computing resources of the company is enabling users to build online relationships, share content, and grow a worldwide network of peers to drive innovation.

The survey also said 91 percent of them expect cloud computing to overtake on-premise computing as the primary way organizations acquire IT over the next five years.

“To best understand where enterprise technology is headed, one must pay attention to those who have a pulse on market demands, the developers, and IT specialists responding to these demands and creating the next generation of business applications,” said Jim Corgel, general manager, IBM Independent Software Vendors and Developer Relations.

Another 90 percent of them believe it is important to possess vertical industry-specific skills for their jobs. However, 63 percent of them admit they lack requisite industry knowledge to remain competitive.

Respondents identified telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and energy and utilities as the top four industries with the greatest opportunity to expand their careers.

“These survey results clearly demonstrate that IT professionals see a combination of disruptive technologies and industry-specific skills as key to driving near-term business growth,” said Corgel.