A recent study conducted by Indeed Inc. for the Wall Street Journal has shown that the number of U.S. job postings on the Internet stood at 4.7 million on Dec. 1, up from 2.7 million a year earlier. The Company provides figures based on their compilation of daily listings from corporate and job-posting websites, removing duplicates.

The WSJ report identifies accounting and consulting giants Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP among firms expanding their payrolls. As the economy revives, more companies are seeking the services of these firms, thus leading to a spurt of hiring in them. PWC has hired 2500 employees, excluding college students, since June 30 this year. At Deloitte, the headcount has gone up from less than 46000 a year ago to 50,100. Among other companies mentioned to be firmly on the hiring track are AT&T, Wells Fargo, Wellpoint Inc. and Lockheed Martin.

Consultancy in the field of mergers & acquisitions, healthcare, government and information technology has been witnessing high rates of recruitment and is also expected to drive employment over the near future. Information Technology skills - especially in areas such as network engineering and cloud computing - are also in high demand as recruiters in a host of sectors from communications to health insurance to defense are reportedly scouting for talent with experience and expertise in these fields.

Claims for unemployment benefits have also been close to the lowest levels of the year during the last couple of weeks according to figures released by the Labor Department, boding well for 2011. However the overall outlook for jobs and careers continues to be tempered by concerns over the moribund housing market.