4. IBM
“Big blue” International Business Machines(NYSE: IBM) maintained its 4th place ranking. Virtually a proxy for blue-chip U.S. corporations (and an indicator of how much businesses spend on technology), this “old school” company has managed to survive and prosper amidst the aggressive entry of young tech upstarts over the past few decades. Its fourth quarter earnings jumped 16 percent from a year ago while net income surged 9 percent. IBM, which has been around since 1911, is still the world’s largest IT company in terms of sales. IBTIMES

IBM Corp has introduced a new security initiative to make cloud computing safer.

The company's security experts are conducting an onsite working session with clients to help define cloud computing initiative, goals and identify associated security and privacy concerns.

The new roadmap, designed by IBM helps client organizations understand, establish and outline the steps for realizing their security goals in relation to their cloud computing strategy.

Under this initiative, the company is offering chief information officers to have a clear picture of where and how sensitive data will circulate in a cloud environment.

The offering can help clients determine the right balance of internal control and service provider autonomy by identifying cloud-specific security vulnerabilities, internally and within their service providers, the company said.

According to IBM's Institute for Business Value 2010 Global IT Risk Study, cloud computing raised serious concerns among respondents about the use, access and control of data.

Seventy seven percent of respondents believed that adopting cloud computing makes protecting privacy more difficult and 50 percent were concerned about a data breach or loss, the study showed.

IBM understands the 'one size fits all' cloud security strategy will not work for most businesses. By offering these new services and innovations, we aim to help clients create tailored solutions that will allow them to get the most out of their cloud environments, said Steve Robinson, general manager, IBM Security Solutions.

The company has also set up a team of security professionals around the world to help clients solve their toughest cloud problems.

As the cloud computing model evolves with the changing needs of a client's business, IBM researchers are designing new technologies to ensure the integrity of data.