Teen Gunman Kills 1 , Wounds 4 at Ohio High School

A student gunman opened fire with a handgun in the cafeteria of a high school near Cleveland Monday morning, fatally wounding one boy and injuring three other boys and one girl before he was chased from the building by a teacher and was caught, police said

Megaupload Creator Kim Dotcom to Face Jail Sentence After Bail

The war on Internet piracy was fueled last month when Kim Dotcom, founder of online media download empire Megaupload, was arrested in New Zealand. Federal courts overturned the decision and released Dotcom on bail last week. But now, in what could be one of the biggest copyright cases in history, he might be heading back.

WikiLeaks Reveals Stratfor's Exclusive Glossary

Following the controversial release of over five million private emails by online anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks, global intelligence company Stratfor undoubtedly has some explaining to do. The emails reveal all sorts of information including details regarding sources, operations and miscellaneous gossip. But, perhaps most peculiar is one specific document circulated among employees in 2007. The document, titled The Stratfor Glossary of Useful, Baffling and Strange Intelligence Terms.

Western Allies Arming Rebels in Syria, Opposition Claims, as Red Cross Reach Besieged Homs

Syrian National Council member Bassma Kodmani said unnamed countries were already providing communications equipment, body armor and night-vision goggles to the Free Syrian Army. Western governments have in the past denied claims that they're arming foes of President Bashar al Assad. The news came as the Red Cross finally reached the besieged city of Homs, evacuating women and children.

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Update: Man Linked to Disappearance Arrested for Unrelated Stabbing Incident

A man questioned in connection to the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin has been charged with first-degree assault in an unrelated incident. Dane Diggler Greathouse, 28, has been charged for stabbing Greg R. May this weekend in Gladstone, Mo. Baby Lisa's parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, claim missing baby Lisa was taken from her crib late Oct. 3, 2011 while Bradley was asleep and Irwin was at work. The one-year-old remains missing.

Glenn Mangham: Facebook Hacker Gets 8 Months in Jail

Glenn Mangham, a 26-year-old software development student from Cornlands Road, York in Great Britain, was sentenced to eight months in jail after he admitted hacking into Facebook from his bedroom in his parents' house between April and May 2011.

Steve Jobs' FBI File Becomes $12.16 Paperback

According to a report by Forbes, the now-public 191-page FBI file on Steve Jobs, Apple's co founder, will be available as a $12.95 paperback. However, if it's the soft copy you're looking for, you're in luck - a PDF version of the file can be downloaded for free.

Briton Jailed for 'Extensive' Facebook Hack

A British student, who hacked into Facebook's internal network risking disastrous consequences for the website, was jailed for eight months on Friday in what prosecutors described as the most serious case of its kind they had seen.

FBI and Homeland Security Monitoring Social Media: Stop it!, Says California Congresswoman

While the FBI looks to hire app developers to help them snoop around social media sites, the Department of Homeland Security is monitoring blogs for signs of domestic terrorism. Jackie Speier, a San Francisco Bay Area based Congresswoman is demanding they stop. She said as much during a Homeland Security Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence meeting Feb. 16.

Charlie Chaplin Birth Mystery: Was He a Communist?

Charlie Chaplin, the iconic British actor with the toothbrush mustache, may have died in 1977, but it's actually his birth which is still a mystery. What led British Intelligence to conduct such an extensive and ultimately unsuccessful investigation into the comedian? FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover demanded that the MI5 open a file on Charlie Chaplin in 1952 because he believed the actor had communist links. The goal of the FBI was to have Chaplin banned from the United States.

Mohammed Wali Zazi: Subway Bomb Plotter Father Sentenced to Jail

On Friday, Mohammed Wali Zazi, 56, and a U.S. citizen from Afghanistan, was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for destroying evidence and lying to investigators to cover up his son’s bomb plot. The father was originally supposed to face up to 40 years in jail. According to the Huffington Post, Mohammed Wali Zazi’s attorneys argued that Zazi was only trying to protect his family, and that he had no idea what his son had planned.