A man questioned in connection to the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin has been charged with first-degree assault in an unrelated incident. Dane Diggler Greathouse, 28, has been charged for stabbing Greg R. May this weekend in Gladstone, Mo.

Authorities claim Greathouse stabbed May, 31, at the Vienna Square Apartments at approximately 5:45 a.m. Saturday. May's intestines were sliced and he remains in serious condition in the Truman Medical Center after undergoing surgery for his injuries.

KCTV 5 reports that Greathouse claims two men had been vandalizing his vehicle. He began fighting with the two men, took out a pocket knife and stabbed May. KCTV 5 reports that May's friend pointed a handgun at Greathouse before fleeing the area. According to court documents, Greathouse did not call police because he feared a probation violation. Instead, police found the victim in the AMF Bowling Center Parking lot nearby.

Greathouse has been charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action for the stabbing incident. His bond is set at $750,000.

Although the stabbing incident is unrelated to the disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin, Greathouse's arrest has drawn attention to the 28-year-old local. Greathouse first came under scrutiny in October 2011 after then-10-month-old baby Lisa Irwin disappeared along with three family cell phones on Oct. 4.

Baby Lisa's parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, claim baby Lisa was taken from her crib late Oct. 3, 2011, while Bradley was asleep and Irwin was at work. When Irwin arrived home around 4 a.m. on Oct. 4, he found his daughter was missing. Authorities arrived at Lisa's home in response to Irwin's 911 call and allegedly found that a window and screen were tampered with, lights were left on, the family's front door was unlocked and three cell phones were missing. Bradley later admitted to being drunk when she went to bed that night.

The missing child case became muddled when phone records indicated that an outgoing call had been attempted from one of the missing cell phones at 11:57 p.m. on Oct. 3. An attempted call was made to Megan Wright, a woman in the area unknown to Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin.

Wright's phone was allegedly shared between members of her home, one of which was Greathouse. He became ensnared in the case because he allegedly had access to the cell phone connected to the case on the night Lisa disappeared.

Authorities have indicated that the call may have been meant for him; however, Greathouse has spoken with police and denied any involvement in Lisa's disappearance. Investigators have also questioned Wright extensively about the cell phone call made just a few hours before Lisa was reported missing and have found no reasonable connection between Wright and the missing toddler.

While a connection between Greathouse and missing baby Lisa Irwin initially seemed possible, after a thorough investigation, authorities claim there is no connection between Wright, Greathouse and missing baby Lisa.

Kansas City Police Department Capt. Steve Young told KCTV5 Monday that investigators do not have reason to believe that Greathouse was involved in the incident and they have moved on from Greathouse in baby Lisa's investigation. Young did note, however, that authorities could revisit Greathouse's connection if new information developed.

Greathouse is currently being held at the Clay County Jail along with another witness in the missing baby Lisa Irwin case, John Jersey Tanko. Both Greathouse and Tanko have been questioned in relation to Lisa's disappearance, however, they are being held on charges unrelated to the one-year-old's disappearance.

Tanko came under scrutiny in the Fall because he dated Wright and was known to do handy work in Lisa's Kansas City neighborhood. Authorities investigated whether Tanko had had access to one of the missing cell phones as they initially thought Tanko may have made the attempted call to Wright's phone.

Neither Tanko nor Greathouse, however, is considered a suspect in the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin.

The disappearance of baby Lisa prompted a thorough investigation from the Kansas City police department and the FBI. However, after four months of investigating the disappearance of the young child, authorities claim they still have no major leads or suspects in the case.

Baby Lisa's parent's attorney, Joe Tacopina, continues to believe that the person who stole the cell phones on the night of Oct. 3 also took baby Lisa.

If you have any information about missing Baby Lisa Irwin, please call 1-816-474-TIPS or 1-800-THE-LOST.

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