Megavideo, Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom: 'I'm A Fighter' [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

For the first time since his arrest on Jan 20, Megaupload creator Kim Doctom sat down to be interviewed for New Zealand's Channel 3 News. During the 20-minute interview, Dotcom explains how he created the website, why he never broke a single law, and passionately exclaims that he will take on the entertainment industry because he knows he is innocent.

Hacker Combined Online Attacks with Petty Crime

A computer hacker-turned-FBI informant known as Sabu combined daring online attacks against governments and major companies with a life of petty crime and drugs, according to a copy of his plea agreement.

Anonymous Hackers Replace Police Supplier Website With ‘Tribute to Jeremy Hammond’

Anonymous hacktivists announced via Twitter that they had successfully hacked the website of New York Iron Works, a police-equipment supplier, and replaced the homepage with a tribute of love to arrested hacker and Chicagoan Jeremy Hammond. Anonymous also claimed responsibility for several other hacks on March 8, including knocking Peruvian government website http://policiainformatica.gob.pe/ offline, and posting the personal information of FBI agents in a public online message board in what the...

'Anonymous' Hurt by Arrests But Hard to Kill

In turning one of its best-known hackers into an informant and breaking open the highest profile elements of the "Anonymous" movement, authorities have dealt a serious blow to a group they found a growing irritant.

Accused Irish LulzSec Hacker Worked in Security

One of the people accused by authorities of being at the core of Lulz Security, perhaps the most feared hacking group on the planet, led a nonprofit group in Galway, Ireland, dedicated to making websites more secure.

Anonymous Takes Down Corrupt Vatican Sites

The international hacktivist group Anonymous on Wednesday claimed the takedown of several Vatican Web sites. Anonymous accused the Catholic Church of corruption and crimes that the church has been committing for centuries as a reason behind the attack on Vatican City network.

Senators to Hear Pitch for Tougher Cyber Security

Top U.S. officials are set to push for tougher cyber-security measures to protect the nation's water, electrical and telecommunications grid at a closed-door meeting with senators on Wednesday evening, congressional and White House staffers said.

Teacher's Assistant Being Charged With Child Molestation, Kiddie Porn Distribution

A Brooklyn teacher's aide accused of fondling a young boy and recording his assault on camera is being indicted by a federal grand jury, according to NY Daily News. Taleek Brooks, a teacher's assistant at a Bedford Stuyvesant school, and supervisor of an all-boys dance group, was arrested after FBI agents discovered homemade child pornographic images on his computer. Brooks, 40, was previously arrested in connection with a prior kidding porn investigation.

Osama bin Laden: Anonymous Discover Buried At Sea Hoax?

An email hacking by the Anonymous group has rumors circulating that Osama bin Laden may not have been buried at sea. Reports suggest that private U.S. intelligence had the body sent to the states for examination. The deceased al-Qaeda chief was said to be buried in the waters of the north Arabian sea, but emails leaked by WikiLeaks beg to tell a different story. According to these emails, bin Laden's body was sent to Dover, Del., and then Maryland for examination.

Anonymous Hackers Retaliate for LulzSec Arrests, Post ‘Anonymous LulzXmas’ Movie on Panda Security Website [VIDEO]

Following the arrest of five talented hackers affiliated with the formless online collective LulzSec (a politically charged hacktivist offshoot of Anonymous) by the FBI based on information leaked by LulzSec leader Hector Xavier Monsegur aka Sabu, Anonymous retaliated by attacking the cyber-security firm Panda Security, replacing over 30 sections of their website with a video titled Anonymous LulzXmas and a defiant message.

Anonymous LulzSec Hackers Arrested by FBI: 'Sabu Is a Traitor'

Law enforcement officials in Europe and the U.S. acted in unison this morning to arrest five hacktivist members of Anonymous offshoot Lulzsec, acting on information leaked by the group's leader, Hector Xavier Mensegu, who went by the codename Sabu and had been working with the federal government for months, according to FoxNews.

Sabu Turns in LulzSec Members: Hacker Leader Was FBI Informant

After hacking into the CIA, Sony, PayPal and Mastercard Web sites over the years, Sabu, suspected leader of Anonymous splinter group LulzSec pled guilty to 12 counts of conspiracy to engage in computer hacking March 6. Five other suspected hackers were also arrested March 6, and it now looks as if Sabu, also known as Hector Xavier Monsegur, had been cooperating with the FBI since the middle of 2011, according to papers filed in a Manhattan court.

FBI Arrest 3 Suspected LulzSec Hackers: Source

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested three suspected members of the hacker group LulzSec and charges will be made public against two more, a law enforcement official told Reuters on Tuesday.

Anonymous Downplays Zeus Trojan Hacking as Symantec Reveals Own Supporters Duped

Anonymous has taken to Twitter to downplay the incident and to warn users after Symantec released a report claiming that anti-Anonymous hackers had duped the hactivist collective into adding Zeus Trojan malware to a guide for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Although some Anonymous-affiliated Twitter handles have warned users of the modified link, most have gone after Symantec for misrepresenting the threat.

Hackers Winning Security War: Executives

Technology security professionals seeking wisdom from industry leaders in San Francisco this week saw more of the dark side than they had expected: a procession of CEO speakers whose companies have been hacked.

3 People Said to Mull US Suits Against Murdoch's News Corp

A top British lawyer will visit the U.S. next month to explore the possibility of suing News Corp., the American arm of Rupert Murdoch's global media empire, on behalf of three people who believe a Murdoch detective may have hacked their voice mail while they were in the United States, according to reports.

Anonymous Hackers Attack Christian Websites, Declare 'Religion Sucks LOL'

Calling it a sickness to this world, members of the formless 'hacktivist' group of computer programmers known as Anonymous informally declared war on religion on Friday, March 2, hacking the websites of three Christian organizations all based in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. The homepages for Bethel Outreach International Church, Charlotte International Church, and Crossfire Ministries were all replaced with the 30-minute long YouTube video, Richard Dawkins: An Atheist....

Feds Uncover $279M NYC Car Insurance Scam

36 people were arrested in New York for allegedly cheating auto insurance companies out of a quarter billion dollars in an elaborate scheme run by a Russian gang. The $279-million insurance fraud involved corrupted doctors and lawyers, feigned medical claims and over 100 fake clinics, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

FBI Hires Gordon Gekko For Anti-Insider-Trading PSA [VIDEO]

Michael Douglas has reprised his Oscar-winning role as Gordon Gekko for a public service announcement from the FBI about insider trading. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is, Douglas says in the spot, which debuted on CNBC and Bloomberg Television.