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Taser Takes Aim At Europe

Taser, the billion-dollar weapons behemoth, has captured the U.S. market. Now, it wants to conquer Europe.
Cuddlr Cuddling

The Short, Strange Tale Of Cuddlr

Whatever happened to the "Tinder for cuddling" app? Cuddlr became a media sensation overnight and then just disappeared. Now it's back, this time as Spoonr.
Panzi Hospital

Inside Congo's Rape Crisis

An international trial against a Congolese warlord is shedding new light on how rape is used as a combat strategy in Congo's mineral-rich east. It's also offering new hope for victims.
Tempo Storm Team

In The Eye Of The 'Tempo Storm'

What does it take to eat, sleep and train with a professional eSports team? For one thing, it takes a lot of milk — and no women.

'I Want To Want To Have Sex'

A new drug that promises to boost women's libido has inflamed controversy over whether it helps or hurts women. IBTimes interviewed seven women about what it's like to live with a low sex drive — and got their thoughts on a little pink pill called Addyi.
Ohio Fracking Oil Rig

Underneath Ohio

Thanks to fracking, America is the world’s No. 1 oil and gas producer. But the economic bounty it delivers to small communities across the nation comes at a price. Now it’s dividing friends and neighbors in one Ohio county.
Syrian greek migrants

Breaking The Law For Love

Billie Minear thought she was doing the right thing, but helping her in-laws find a better life in Europe didn't bring joy — it brought human smuggling charges. That's because her new family members are Syrian refugees.

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