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Sony seems to be trying to lock the stable after the horse has bolted. In an attempt to stop other hackers from further damaging their gaming console PS3 they have gone for legal action. They intend to legally subpoena some other behind the scene developers and code makers who are continuously attacking their console.

Just getting a legal restraining order against the likes of George Hotz and FailOverflow has not worked. There are hundreds of other hackers, firmware developers, and program creators that are now clearly marked by Sony in its lawsuit. It is rumored that Sony is planning to subpoena various internet sites like xxx-Scene, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, and Slashdot in order to find the real identities of those that are still releasing and creating programs undermining the security of the PlayStation.

Here is a copy of the legal notice that Sony sent to Github, one fo the share- ware coders. They are demanding crucial information about some of the coders from the site. PSX-Scene got its hands on the notice.

All Information and documents related to the use of your or service(s) to register, create, maintain and or use the accounts associated with user names “hermesEol” , “Kakaroto”, “Kmeaw”, “waninkoko” and “grafchokolo” (“The Relevant Accounts”)

Documents and electronic data reproducing all content posted and or published on github by the users identified above as “the Relevant Accounts”

Documents sufficient to identify all emails, addresses and telephone numbers associated with the “Relevant Accounts”

Documents reproducing all server logs, IP address logs, account information, account access records and application or registration forms related to the “Relevant Accounts”

Some of the names which are being mentioned are that of Kmeaw, who developed one of the first working firmware compatible for 3.55 and GrafChokolo who is at the moment working on returning Linux functionalities to the PS3.

This just shows that Sony is trying its best to send a strong message to the hackers out there and willing to go that extra legal step. But it as clearly visible that the PS3 has been well and truly breached and muffling a fee is not going to stall the trend.