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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 speculation remains fairly cold with regard to actual leaks, but the general consensus among tech enthusiasts is that the Surface Pro 4 successor’s debut will tie in to the release of the Windows 10 Creators Update. As reported Thursday, it looks like that patch could be here as soon as April 11. What might that mean for Microsoft’s next tablet?

While there’s little we can offer in terms of guarantees, it’s no secret that Surface Pro hardware reveals and major software releases have a clear history. June’s Surface Pro 3 was preceded by Windows 8.1 in April 2014. The first iteration of Windows 10 went live in July 2015, and the Surface Pro 4 launched that October. To take the agenda even further, ZDNet reported last year that the Creators Update was delayed to spring 2017 to support “a new wave of Microsoft-branded Windows devices.”

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Analyzing all that evidence at face value, it’s reasonable to think we might be mere months away from the debut of the Surface Pro 5. In fact, given the April to June spread for the Surface Pro 3, June might be one month worth keeping an eye on. A release date in late spring or early summer perhaps? Our friends at iDigitalTimes mused about those prospects last month. This new report, however, adds even more fuel to the fire.

While much about the Surface Pro 5 remains under wraps, our reporters believe the next-gen tablet will feature Intel’s new brand of Kaby Lake processors, USB-C compatibility and an increased-resolution display. The Creators Update, on the other hand, touts confirmed enhancements like a special Game Mode, HoloLens support, picture-in-picture viewing and a whole lot more.

The Surface Pro 5 has not been publicly announced at this time.
Do you think the release of the Creators Update relates to the arrival of the Surface Pro 5? Will the Pro 4 stay standard for another year? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!