Global Car Companies Hunt Big Game In Africa's Growing Automotive Market

Global automakers from Renault SA (Paris: RNO) to Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) to Chinese companies like Geely Automotive are all racing to get a piece of the long-term potential promised by Africa's burgeoning automotive market. The continent's economy is on the rise, and despite very real improvements in the quality of life and standards of living in many African countries, risks for multinational manufacturers remain.

What Is The ‘Misery Index’ Saying About Obama's Re-Election Chances?

An unofficial gauge of human misery in the U.S. is now sitting at its lowest level in three years. Not four. In other words, while conditions have improved somewhat, Americans are still feeling miserable under President Barack Obama's watch and that obviously doesn't bode well for Obama's re-election chances.

China, Fed Easing Hopes Buoy US Stock Futures

The U.S. stock index futures point to a higher open Thursday as investor sentiment was lifted by expectations that policy makers around the world would announce monetary easing measures to regain the economic growth momentum.

Entitlement Vs. Empowerment

Are you entitled or empowered? Do you feel you are owed, or do you feel you own something? This simple choice reflects your view of the world. It stands for your self-image.

Siemens May Cut Thousands Of Jobs, Bad Sign For Germany

Siemens AG (NYSE: SI), Europe?s largest engineering company, is in early internal talks to slash thousands of jobs after posting quarterly results that came in sharply below analysts? estimates, a German newspaper reported Tuesday.

Technology?s Cash Piles: Top U.S. Leaders Stash Nears $400B

Don?t say technology companies aren?t enormously profitable. An IBTimes review of the cash and investment holdings of 11 of the top technology leaders shows they are sitting atop nearly $375 billion in cash and investments ? or about 24 percent more since the last survey nine months ago.

Back-To-School, Holiday Season Expected To Be Same Or Better

Unemployment is still well above 8 percent, the cost at the pump is rising and consumers are still wary and cost-conscious, but recent surveys indicate back-to-school buys and the upcoming holiday shopping season will be as good as or better than last year. Still, the theme of the season is cautious optimism.

6 Charts On Why College Is Worth Its Cost

Even at a time when paying for college has become a lifetime endeavor for the average Americans, having a college degree is still a worthwhile investment. Nearly four out of every five jobs destroyed by the recession were held by workers with a high school diploma or less.

As Portugal’s Pain Deepens, Investors Reward Nation

Investors rewarded Portugal's efforts to trim its budget gap by sending the credit-default swaps on Portugal to a low of 725 basis points on Thursday, down from 1,515 in January and 1,237 in May, according to Bloomberg. The implied probability of Portugal defaulting on its debt fell to 46 percent from 73 percent.