Is Santander's Mexican IPO The Death Of 'Goose' That Lays Golden Eggs?

Banco Santander's announcement that it would be spinning off nearly one quarter of its Mexican unit in an initial public offering later this month was greeted by the markets as a seemingly win-win-win proposition. But the move by the large Spanish bank only highlights the increased dependence Iberian banks have had on their overseas branches over the past few years and how, in an effort to now package off those units and sell them, they could be killing the hen that's been laying the golde...

Drought Seen Pushing US Meat Prices Even Higher

The worst drought to hit U.S. cropland in more than half a century could soon leave Americans reaching deeper into their pockets to fund a luxury that people in few other countries enjoy: affordable meat.

Five Reasons Why Obama Could Win The 2012 Election

He's practically the devil incarnate to the Republican Party, but no president since President Franklin D. Roosevelt has had to address as many serious economic, financial and foreign policy problems as President Barack Obama. Further, Obama's relative success addressing these problems, and the Republican Party's callousness, will lead to Obama's re-election in November.

Bernanke's Speech at Jackson Hole: 6 Key Take-Aways

It seemed everyone was claiming their crystal ball has been right in anticipation of a much-hyped speech by the world's most powerful central banker, who managed to turn the attention of traders around the world to his podium in bucolic Jackson Hole, Wyo. Friday. They were all right and, as usually happens in such cases, they were also all wrong.

How The Fiscal Cliff May Impact Hiring

Following the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) predictions of the imminent "fiscal cliff" that will send the U.S. economy into a recession after January 1, 2013, analysts are struggling to identity the true extent of the oncoming threat. While the CBO estimates that unemployment will increase to about 9 percent in the fallout from proposed "fiscal tightening" measures, Capital Economics suggested in a U.S. Employment Report published today that the effect on hiring may be more ...

The Top 5 Most Indebted States In The US

America's 50 state governments owe a total of $4.19 trillion, including outstanding bonds, unfunded pension commitments and budget gaps. Here's a look at the top five states with the heaviest debt burdens in the country.

US 2Q GDP Revised Up To 1.7%, Stock Futures Point To Slight Gains

The U.S. economy expanded slightly faster than initially thought in the second quarter, but the pace of growth is still too slow to create enough jobs and drive down the unemployment. Economists are forecasting even slower growth in the second half of 2012, which will probably keep expectations of additional monetary stimulus from the Federal Reserve intact.

RNC Convention 2012: From Mitt Romney To Chris Christie - Day 2 In Photos

Although the tropical storm Isaac forced the cancelation of Monday's opening session of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the conference was finally kicked off Tuesday with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie impassionedly challenging the Republicans to start "taking our country back" during his keynote speech.