• "Total War: Warhammer 3" will feature daemon factions from all four of the Gods of Chaos
  • Each faction's playstyle is designed around their themes according to the lore
  • The game will receive both paid and free DLC like other "Total Warhammer" games 

Creative Assembly recently released a small batch of teasers for the upcoming “Total War: Warhammer 3,” showcasing a number of new units that serve the other three gods of Chaos who will be the primary antagonists of the game.

The new daemon designs were revealed in a recent blog post on the “Total War” website. So far, only the daemons of Khorne were shown in official media, including the legendary lord Skarbrand, Khornate Bloodletters, Minotaurs, Skullcrushers and the Blood God’s legions of battle-crazed cultists. Creative Assembly has done a great job at recreating these units into a “Total War” game, and it seems like the rest of the Chaos Gods are about to receive the same treatment.

The daemons of Slaneesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch will all be included as playable factions that each have their own unique rosters of units, similar to how Khorne’s minions are organized. Each Chaos god will have their playstyles centered on their core themes according to “Warhammer” lore.

The sadistic daemons and cultists of Slaneesh rely on their speed and precision to deal surgical blows against their enemies, crippling the key units of entire war hosts before they can pose a threat. The developers teased the design for the Exalted Chariots of Slaneesh, mobile platforms designed to carry the strongest of their ranks to battle.

Meanwhile, Slaneeshi Daemonettes will be making an appearance in the game as unbelievably fast shock troops that terrorize the battlefield with their pincer-like claws.

An Exalted Bloodthirster of Khorne in Total Warhammer 3
An Exalted Bloodthirster of Khorne in Total Warhammer 3 Creative Assembly

Meanwhile, Tzeentch’s arcane and eldritch horrors rain down foul magic from afar while their augmented troops hold the frontline. In the game, these magical monsters are represented by the Heralds of Tzeentch and the terrifying Soul Grinders that blast their foes with long-range artillery.

Lastly, the putrid spawn of Nurgle will appear in “Total Warhammer 3” as heralds of the god of rot and decay. So far, Rotflies and the quintessential Nurglings have been confirmed as part of Nurgle’s roster, but many more are expected to be included, including the Great Unclean Ones that serve as the Chaos god’s most powerful land-based unit.

Creative Assembly said it plans to support “Total War: Warhammer 3” with both paid and free DLC once the game launches later this year. It also plans to rework some of the game systems such as the UI, tutorial, diplomacy and more.