With a nearly $200,000 price tag, the Toyota (TM) has revealed when the GR Supra GT4 will finally be arriving as well as other anticipated details on the customer race car.

According to the automaker, the GT4 will be arriving in Europe in March, the U.S. in August, and Asia by October, allowing customer race teams to take full advantage of the car’s speed and power.

The GT4 touts a full 430 horsepower from a 3-liter, six-cylinder engine with a single twin-scroll turbocharger, which is 95 horsepower more than the traditional GR Supra. An enhanced ECU and custom tuning are part of the powertrain differences as well as a free-flowing exhaust system. The drivetrain is outfitted with motorsport driveshafts, mechanical slip differential, and seven-speed automatic sports drivetrain versus an eight-speed automatic transmission.

It is also equipped with competition sprints, KW adjustable damagers, anti-roll bars, racing-type brakes for added stopping power, and 305/660 Pirelli racing tires. Dry weight on the vehicle is 2,976 pounds. This is reportedly 500 pounds less than the road version of the Supra weighs.

Also differing from the road version of the Supra, the GT4 has a carbon-fiber dash panel, full roll cage, 8-inch driver display, data logger, fire extinguisher, and fixed-back race seat with a six-point harness. This is a departure from the Supra’s luxe interior found in the road-worthy version.

For aerodynamics, the GT4 was integrated with an adjustable rear wing, custom front diffuser designed with natural fiber composites, and, of course, a team livery of choice.

The price of the car is $195,000.

The Toyota Supra GT4 has many differences from the Supra GR road-worthy model, including 95 more horsepower. Toyota