Toyota Motor Corp U.S. chief Jim Lentz said on Monday the Japanese automaker is confident it found the remedy to fix some 2.4 million of its eight most popular models involved in a safety recall and sales and production suspension.

We've studied the events of unintended acceleration and we're quite clear that it's come down to two different issues, Lentz told The Today Show on NBC.

One is the entrapment of the mat and the pedal. And we have announced a recall on that late last year. The sticking pedal issue that we've just announced and put a stop on some of our vehicles, we're confident that we have a fix for that. And between those two things, this will be under control.

He referred to the two recalls that plague the world's leading automaker. One involves potentially faulty accelerators and another the chance that floor mats can jam under accelerator pedals causing sometimes-deadly unintended acceleration.

The faulty pedals from Toyota supplier CTS Corp are involved in the current sales and production suspension and 2.3 million recalled consumer-owned cars and about 120,000 at dealerships.

In both recall issues, Toyota has called back 5.4 million vehicles in the United States. Another 1.8 million have been recalled due to the sticking accelerators in Europe and 75,000 in China.

(Reporting by Bernie Woodall in Detroit and David Morgan in Washington; Editing by Derek Caney)