Google Feed is getting a transparent interface, while the Google app will soon have a three-tab interface. REUTERS/Neil Hall

Google appears to be testing a new transparent interface for Google Feed (previously known as Google Now). The company is testing out a three-tab interface for its main Google search app as well.

A Reddit user has shared screenshots of the new transparent Google Feed screen. The user claims that he discovered the new design when he restarted his Pixel XL handset. The Reddit user’s Pixel XL us running Android 7.1.2 with the May Security Patch installed.

The new Google Feed is transparent and shows the device’s current wallpaper. Information on the feed is overlaid and presented the same way. It looks like users will still have access to the Google cards, while also having additional button on top to access weather, calculator and other apps, according to Android Authority.

The new Google Feed interface also has an ‘Upcoming’ section located on the top right-hand corner. Tapping this will display information like weather warnings and the user’s parking location.

For now, the new Google Feed interface seems to be available to this particular Reddit user. It’s possible that Google is conducting A/B testing, which could mean that a wide rollout might arrive soon.

Google Now is technically gone, and has been replaced with Google Feed. However, most users are still referring to it as Google Now. The redesign of the user interface might help reenforce the name change.

Last year, Google announced that it was going to bring an update to its main search app that will add a new two-tab interface with the new Feed and Upcoming tabs. The new interface was simply meant to separate the main Feed from the user’s more personal information. The Feed tab will show news articles, weather and info on sports, while the Upcoming tab will show the user’s schedule, incoming packages and boarding passes.

It’s been months now, and it appears as though no one has received the update yet. Android Police has contacted Google on the matter, and the company has now released a statement regarding this issue.

“The addition of Feed and Upcoming are now launched to a wide array of Android and iOS devices but is not currently available for a small subset of devices that have swipe access to the Feed from the homescreen. We look forward to sharing updates on this point soon.”

The updated Google app interface seems to only appear for users that don’t use a compatible Google Feed launcher. Unfortunately, the company neglected to give out this detail when it first announced the update in its blog post from last year.

Android Police also discovered that Google is testing two versions for a third tab for its main search app. The first is a Search tab, which seems redundant considering that the top of the app already has a Google search box, while the other is a Recent history tab, which simply brings up the user’s most recent searches.

It remains unclear which of the two will become the third tab on the new Google app interface, but it looks like Google is still experimenting with it. Google should also take some time to make sure everyone has access to the two-tab interface first, before actually rolling out the three-tab version of the app.