• Each class has unique unlock requirements
  • Some classes require more time to unlock than others
  • The Seer class takes the longest to unlock

The eight character classes in “Tribes Of Midgard” all offer unique ways on how to play the game while also opening up some unique character-centric strategies that players can use on their journey to prevent Ragnarok.

Players must finish specific objectives in order to unlock a character class. Some of these objectives are straightforward while others can be a little tricky to accomplish, requiring a bit more forethought than the rest. However, this shouldn’t be too difficult so long as players know what they’re doing.

Here’s a quick guide on how to unlock every class in “Tribes Of Midgard” as quickly as possible.


To unlock the Guardian, players must defeat three Jotunns in one Saga Mode run. The unlock criteria for this class is fairly simple as players merely need to reach Day 10 and defeat their third Jotunn before exiting through the Bifrost. Play the game normally and try not to let the Yggdrasil Seed die in the process.


Out of all the classes, the Seer will probably take the longest to unlock depending on player preference. This class requires players to exit the Bifrost 10 times before it can be unlocked. Playing through the game normally will unlock this class eventually, so long as players exit through the Bifrost after every session. However, those who want to rush this class can always exit immediately after defeating the first Jotunn of every session.

Tribes of Midgard features battles against enemies of gigantic proportions
Tribes of Midgard features battles against enemies of gigantic proportions Norsfell


The Hunter requires a fair bit of dedication and it can be a little hard to unlock in a solo world. To unlock this class, players must activate every single shrine in the map in one Saga Mode run. Playing with friends is highly recommended but for solo players, this can be done by playing as a Ranger with movement speed buffs and fortifying the village gates up to Level 3 to prevent night creatures from destroying the Yggdrasil Seed.


Players need to kill 20 enemies within 10 seconds to unlock the Berserker. This is easily done during a Helthing night raid on the village. Build Level 1 gates around the village and let the monsters pile up, then destroy them all with AoE attacks.


The easiest way to block 25 attacks in 10 seconds is by choosing the Guardian class with the omni-directional block ability. Head to a Land of Pools biome and look for at least five goblins. Simply block all of their attacks while waiting for the achievement to finish.


Survive until Day 16 in Saga Mode to unlock the Warden. Keep in mind that Fimbulwinter starts on Day 14, which means that players will have to defend the village for one whole in-game day’s worth of time to unlock this class.