The unique 1959 Troy Roadster.
The unique 1959 Troy Roadster. Ebay

The one of a kind, 1959 Troy Roadster, a street legal race car built by Wally Troy, is for sale on Ebay.

The 1959 Troy Roadster was built by Wally Troy, the first official Jaguar dealer in Illinois. Troy only built the one roadster, and it was based on contemporary European open-wheel race cars.

The Troy Roadster features an aluminum body over a tubular frame with a belly pan. The front and rear suspension of the car are a combination of 50s era Ford components, and the front brakes are Chevy disk brakes, while the rear are Ford drum brakes.

The original car was built using a 283 Chevy engine, but it has since been replaced with a 350 Chevy engine, which new (depending on the exact type) could generate up to 295 hosepower, and was likely quite peppy for its era.

The restored vehicle was shown at Detroit Autorama, Milwaukee Masterpieces and the 2004 Amelia Island Concourse.

The current bid on the 1959 Troy Roadster is $41,877.77 and the reserve for the auction has not yet been met. The auction ends on March 17 at 7:30 pm PDT.