Relatives separated by deportation and immigration crossed over water to meet at the border during a reunification event named "#Hugs Not Walls" at the banks of the Rio Bravo, a natural border between U.S. and Mexico, Jan. 28, 2017. Reuters

President Donald Trump has been working to keep his promise to build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border in his first months in the White House, despite opposition from Democrats, immigration activists and local residents. But former deputy Texas Secretary of State Alfonso Casso said in a Texas Tribune interview Friday new southern border wall seems to be just as imminent as it is inevitable.

The Texas official, who served as the border liaison for three previous White House administrations, recently submitted a proposal to Customs and Border Protection to make Trump’s wall a "technological wonder," featuring solar paneling, entranceways into both nations and nearby checkpoints where locals can meet for shopping and leisure in sprawling plazas and parks.

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The idea may sound phantasmagorical, but that’s the point.

"We’re the most advanced country in the world. We can make it a technological wonder. Why not have it serve a dual purpose? It protects the homeland and it’s part of the comprehensive energy policy," Casso said. "Why build another Great Wall of China that’s just going to be another psychological barrier – just another brick in the wall?"

An activist painted the U.S.-Mexico border wall between Ciudad Juarez and New Mexico as a symbol of protest against President Donald Trump's new immigration reform in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico Feb. 26, 2017. Reuters

The president unveiled his first budget proposal to Congress last week, including a $2 billion down payment to begin the wall’s construction, while ordering the Department of Homeland Security to find other ways to fund the vow that floated much of his presidential campaign.

Since then, Casso called on architects and designers from across the globe to submit their own project proposals and ideas via the business-networking site LinkedIn to make Trump’s southern border wall as cost effective and environmentally-friendly as it is "authoritarian," the former government official said.

He recently submitted the project to Trump’s federal government with several colleagues from Lévy Kohlhaas Architecture. They claimed their solar-paneled wall would cost $133 million compared to Trump’s projected price tag of $20 billion.