• Twitch star JadeyAnh was harassed by a stalker during a live stream
  • The alleged stalker had food delivered to her apartment multiple times and called the police to her home
  • She ended her live stream after firefighters showed up at her home

Germany-based Twitch star JadeyAnh was left petrified after an alleged stalker kept harassing her by ordering food multiple times under her name to be delivered to her apartment and calling the police to her home during a live stream.

JadeyAnh, who has over 200,000 followers on Twitch, had a nightmare of an experience when a stalker kept ordering food for her during a live stream Monday.

During a "Just Chatting" session on the platform, JadeyAnh opened the door after she heard a doorbell. When she returned from answering her front door, she revealed to viewers that she received food that she never ordered.

In a follow-up tweet, JadeyAnh wrote that she was harassed even while she was living with her grandparents and was now looking forward to getting some rest.

Twitch Streamer Jadeyanh ja.dey/Instagram