Uber (UBER) is making some changes to its rideshare policies that will affect employees and passengers. The rideshare service will reportedly require both drivers and riders to wear face masks.

The new face mask policy was approved by the Uber executives in a meeting held last week and is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, CNN reported.

The new face-covering requirement comes as Uber continues to operate in most markets globally during the coronavirus pandemic, but has seen its ridership numbers drop as more people opt to stay at home.

To date, Uber has recommended that riders and drivers wear face masks through its app and TV commercials, but has not issued the requirement officially. The company has sent face masks, and disinfectant sprays to drivers in key markets, and reportedly has plans to send more protective supplies to these workers.

To ensure that the new policy is followed, Uber is currently developing technology to detect if its drivers are wearing face masks when operating with the company, a source told the news outlet. The company is also looking for ways to verify that passengers are also wearing face masks.

“As countries reopen, Uber is focused on safety and proceeding with caution," the company told the news outlet in a statement. "Today, we continue to ask riders to stay home if they can, while shipping safety supplies to drivers who are providing essential trips.”

The move by Uber follows speculation that the company is looking to lay off part of its workforce. Rideshare rival Lyft laid off 982 employees and furloughed another 288 workers last week.

Shares of Uber stock were down 4.09% as of 11:12 a.m. EDT on Monday.

One lawyer said the ruling puts Uber's business model at risk over the long term in France
One lawyer said the ruling puts Uber's business model at risk over the long term in France AFP / Robyn Beck