Russia said it was carrying out 'massive strikes' across the Ukrainian front line


  • The SSU said the agent had also been assigned to establish contact with Ukrainian soldiers
  • The agent was reportedly planning to pass the information through a Telegram channel
  • The spy is now in custody on suspicion of committing treason

Ukrainian officials have arrested a Russian agent tasked with collecting information on the locations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to a report.

Officers for the Security Services of Ukraine's (SSU) Counterintelligence unit captured the female Russian agent, who had the code name 007, in the city of Zaporizhzhia. The SSU said in the report Wednesday that the woman arrived in the city to work as a volunteer but had actually been carrying out a mission to identify the locations of the Ukrainian army.

The SSU said that the woman had also been assigned to establish contact with Ukrainian soldiers so she could identify their deployment and movement routes. The agent had been planning to pass the information through an anonymous Telegram channel but was arrested by Ukrainian officials.

The woman is now in custody on suspicion of committing treason. The SSU said in the report that it carried out the operation under the supervision of the Zaporizhzhia Region Prosecutor's Office.

Ukraine has doubled down on uncovering Russian spy activity since the war began in February. On Monday, Ukrainian officers detained Roman Dudin, the former head of the SSU, in Kharkiv Oblast on suspicion of treason. His arrest was later confirmed by the press office of Ukraine's State Bureau of Investigation to the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda.

President Volodymyr Zelensky initially fired Dudin on May 29 for negligent performance of his duties. The president also promised that Ukrainian officials will investigate his case.

"There is perfect cooperation between the army, the police, the mayor of Kharkiv, and the oblast state administration – they are all truly working to bring our victory closer and are doing so very effectively," Zelensky said in a video address at the time.

"Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the local leadership of the Security Service of Ukraine. When I got here, I looked into it, and I fired the head of the Security Service in the oblast for selfishly caring only about his own interests rather than working to defend the city from the first days of the full-scale war. Law enforcement officers will find out what his motivations were," he added.

Kharkiv was one of the first regions to fall to the Russians when the war began. Ukraine is now working on retaking occupied territories in the region.

Russian Soldier In Snow
Representation. Russia is recruiting reinforcements from the country's Far East region as "they are better adapted to life in low temperature conditions and will be more effective in winter," according to Ukrainian intelligence. Eugene_69/Pixabay