The Internet was buzzing Monday morning over the University of Oklahoma's Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity chapter, which was suspended Sunday night following the posting of a video showing the brothers singing a racist chant. Social media played a critical role in bringing the video to light, and at one point, two of the top nine trending Twitter topics were devoted to the incident: "University of Oklahoma" and #SAEHatesMe.

A black student organization, Unheard, posted the clip on Twitter on Sunday night and tagged university President David Boren. The clip shows several fraternity members on a bus, yelling “There will never be a n----- in SAE" and “You can hang them from a tree, but they’ll never sign with me,” according to CNN. Boren replied less than an hour later, writing that "if the video is indeed of OU students, this behavior will not be tolerated."

Soon after, SAE's national organization announced it had closed the chapter and suspended all of its members. "We are disgusted that any member would act in such a way," it wrote in a statement. The fraternity added that its brothers' actions were hateful, unacceptable and embarrassing.
Other chapters of SAE, which has more than 15,000 members nationwide, have been in trouble before. CNN reported the fraternity closed 12 chapters in 18 months over hazing charges. One of its members died in 2011 from alcohol poisoning, and last month Yale University punished the group for violating sexual misconduct policies.

"Clearly in that video, that is nothing new," Unheard co-director Chelsea Davis told ABC's "Good Morning America." "That is nothing that just sparks up overnight. That is a chant that was well-known, well-versed, and seemed to be OK with everybody that was involved." As students gathered on campus Monday in Norman for a peaceful protest, others took to social media to express their outrage with the fraternity and racism as a whole.