The U.S. banking industry seems to be in better shape than many people think, the New York Times said, citing officials involved in federal stress tests.

However, many of the largest American lenders probably need to be bailed out again, either by private investors or the federal government, the paper said.

After receiving many millions, and in some cases, many billions of taxpayer dollars, banks still need more capital, the paper cited the officials as saying.

All 19 banks undergoing the exams will pass them, the paper cited the regulators as saying, adding that if the examiners determine that a bank needs exceptional assistance, the government will provide it.

There is a wide range of results among the institutions, the paper cited several people involved in the process as saying.

Some federal and industry officials told the paper that regulators may use the results to prod reluctant banks to sell assets under the Treasury's bailout program.

The Treasury plans not to reveal stress test results until after earnings season to avoid spooking equity investors, a person familiar with the process told Reuters on Tuesday.