A company that supplies radiation safety and protection personnel to the nuclear power industry, is looking for people to go to Japan who might want to work in the Fukushima reactor complex.

Bartlett Nuclear Inc. (BNI), which provides radiation protection experts to the nuclear industry in the U.S., is taking resumes, said Eric Bartlett, personnel manager. But the company hasn't got a contract yet to do any work; it is taking resumes from those interested and call them if they are needed.

Thus far, Bartlett says, the help the company has offered to Tokyo Electric Power, the utility that operates the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, and to the government, has been as a consultant.

Bartlett said usually BNI personnel -- mostly health physicists -- work in nuclear plants when there is refueling being done. For this, the company is seeking more experienced ones. BNI supplies health physicists to 85 percent of the reactors in the U.S.

At the Fukushima reactors, there have been reports of workers laboring long hours to contain the disaster, often sleeping on the site. Two were hospitalized with radiation burns on March 25. Japanese media outlets also reported that some workers were offered ¥400,000 ($4,761) per day to work at the plant.