The United States said Monday that it would provide $4.9 million in emergency aid to help the refugees displaced by the current anti-Taliban offensive in northwest Pakistan.

The money will be used to buy tents, blankets, cooking sets, utility containers, soap and bedding for the most vulnerable families, the U.S. embassy said in a statement.

We are committed to providing emergency aid to those in need quickly and efficiently, U.S. Ambassador Anne W Patterson said at a meeting.

The United States will continue to monitor the situation and provide additional aid as needed.

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said Monday his government would host an international donors’ conference to raise funds for the refugees.

UN officials said that more than 360,000 people have been uprooted after ground and air operations began a week ago against Taliban strongholds in the valley of Swat and adjoining areas.

Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik said more than 700 militants had been killed in the fighting.