• Gold can only be obtained by smelting jewelry that drops from certain enemies
  • Elite enemies like Clerics and Knights in Silverlight Hills tend to drop jewelry often
  • Players must defeat the boss at Brighthaven Cathedral before they can smelt gold

Gold is somewhat elusive in the world of “V Rising.” Instead of harvesting ore from nodes inside mines, players will have to spend time hunting down some of the game’s toughest enemies if they ever want to get stacks of gold for all of their crafting needs.

In “V Rising,” gold can be acquired in decent quantities from elite enemies in Silverlight Hills. These include the armored Knights and Clerics that can be seen leading patrols along Silverlight’s roads or inside military camps.

Some bosses like Quincey the Bandit King or Raziel the Shepherd may drop gold from time to time, though this takes way too much time and effort to be worth farming.

Unlike Dunley or Farbane, every fighter in Silverlight Hills poses a serious threat. Even the basic footmen can be extremely lethal when supported by a Cleric’s healing or a Knight’s immense offensive pressure. Riflemen, in particular, can chunk a player’s health down significantly if left alone for too long.

The Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills - V Rising
The Sacred Silver Mine in Silverlight Hills V Rising

The only way to get gold ingots is by smelting pieces of gold jewelry dropped by enemies in a Furnace. Each ingot also requires a fair bit of Sulphur, so try to keep a stock of it handy before going on gold runs.

To actually smelt the gold into ingots, players will have to defeat Azariel the Sunbringer, a level 68 boss inside the Church of Radiance in Brighthaven. It’s highly recommended to bring a full set of Tier III weapons and armor before attempting to raid Brighthaven.

Darksilver gear can be crafted by harvesting Silver at the Sacred Silver Mine in the northern region of Silverlight. The place is crawling with soldiers, which incidentally makes it a good place to farm for jewelry. However, players should bring a full set of Tier III armor by farming Ghost Yarn and other materials at the Curse Forest to the northeast.

Defeating Azariel will allow players to convert all of their jewelry into useful Gold Ingots, which can be used to create the Eye of Twilight building. Doing so will open up the endgame portion of the early access release through Soul Shard hunting.